Holkham Hall, Norfolk

After an enjoyable breakfast in the tent of sausage and egg rolls, and a play with the wildlife we set off on the coastal road to Holkham Hall.

Holkham Hall is a stunning stately home owned by the Duke of Leicester. For just £3 you can park all day and have access to the house, the gardens and a fantastic playground with a zip wire. Unfortunately when we arrived we were informed that the house wasn’t opened today. 

Never mind…after a pose on a tractor and a slap up lunch we hired a bike for Katherine and Lizzy and a tag along for James and Sophie. 

The cycling trails are stunning and vast. Sophie was a bit scared but after some bribery gave it another go and James promised not to go so fast. Although she did walk the first downhill! You might be able to spot her walking down in this photo!

We past a lot of rape seed fields which the girls call “wee-wee grass” on account of its colour and because it stinks! 

All in all Holkham Hall got a big thumbs up from us all but after a 2 hour bike ride we have some very cold and grumpy gremlins! Calls for Hot Chocolate…and reminders that we owe bribery prizes for Sophie being so brave and a prize for Lizzy for being a better cyclist that Katherine . 


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