Scotts Polar Research Institute, Cambridge 

Another successful museum trip today albeit much shorter. James was delighted to see so many relics from infamous expeditions led by Shackleton and various others, Lizzy enjoyed dressing up as an Antarctic explorer and the best part of Sophie’s day was seeing the Boss Baby movie advertisement on the side of a bus. 
Lots of new and fun things to try for the first time like the Park and Ride…

After fairly significant tantrums from both girls because daddy wouldn’t let them stop for yet another meal, we finally made it through the doors of this small but fantastically curated museum, with smiles on all faces. 

Half the museum is dedicated to the lifestyle and culture or the indigenous population of Greenland, including how they dress, what the eat, how they hunt and even has a remarkable display of a kayak and a jacket made of seal intestines. Did you know that their mittens have 2 thumbs? It’s not because they’ve evolved into mutated humans with 2 thumbs, as Sophie might have guessed, but because when they are paddling in their Kayaks the thumb gets wet and icy so they turn the kitten round to the dry thumb side and dry off the wet side. 

Lizzy found a big box of explorer clothes including a pair of boots. It looked clean enough but her feet were rather pongy afterwards. 

And the girls were given a kids activity sheet to complete which meant Katherine was doing Sophie’s and didn’t really get to read anything else. 

And with sad hearts we bade farewell to the Hutson family. We can’t wait to invite them to stay with us! Long overdue! Off we trot to Norfolk…


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