Arrival in Northumberland 

We are staying for 3 nights in a gorgeous little cottage in Alnmouth, near Alnick. It’s quite nice to have some home comforts and wash some clothes! 

We took it easy today with “mummy and daddy school” – James has even got an app that rings a school bell! Got to say, we have a lot of admiration for teachers! It’s not that easy teaching a couple of kids when one of them really isn’t interested in learning much at all! 

After “school” we headed down to the beach for a walk and a play in the playground, before heading off for lunch with friends. 

The drive to Morpeth was absolutely stunning, with Katherine exclaiming that it’s the most picturesque scenery she’s ever seen. It snowed last night so we spotted some snow along the route. 

At the Aikens house the sheep were lambing and 2 ewes had given birth to twins that morning. Lizzy and Sophie were lucky enough to bottle feed some 2 day old lambs who’s mother hadn’t produced milk. After lunch we had a beautiful walk by the river and had lots of fun throwing sticks into the river for Zulu, their Labrador, to retrieve. ​​



One thought on “Arrival in Northumberland 

  1. Yes, the scenery is amazing and I’m so glad that you are able to appreciate it. It gets better and better
    As you go north and then the Isle of Skye too.
    The lambs look adorable.

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