Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

After a delicious kipper breaky we set off once again for the North.

IMG_0018It’s a pretty straight drive up to Edinburgh and not too far so we had time to stop off at Bamburgh Castle which we didn’t actually go in because we were having too much fun on the beach. But it is a beautiful castle and one that we’d like to visit in the future.


The beach is gobsmackingly stunning and makes us wonder what on earth we’ve been doing living in Hong Kong all those years. Lizzy and Sophie loved paddling in the North Sea – nutters – and said it wasn’t at all cold and they’ve decided we absolutely have to live on the beach.


We then continued further North towards Scotland with a brief stopover on Holy Island. We didn’t stop really to look at anything because we had a very important lunch date with Gaffers in Portobello, Edinburgh at 1:30! It was quite fun though driving over the causeway to Holy Island and we did stop for a prawn cocktail and hot chocolate in the car park!




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