We made it!


We’ve all been practicing our Scottish accents in the car and they are all dismal. We’re here for about a month so we’ll hopefully pick it up, especially as we get more rural!

We crossed the border and found our way easily to Portobello, a little seaside suburb about 15 minutes from the city centre and right on the seaside which is perfect for our little mermaids. We found a fabulous apartment on Airbnb in an excellent location in the town.

It was great to catch up with Mark Gaffney at one of the pubs on the promenade and the girls had more beach fun before heading back for bath and bed.


Sophie pulled out her wobbly tooth (first one!) which was revolting but she’s excited to learn that the Scottish tooth fairy brings 2 pounds which she plans to spends at Mr Simms Sweet Shop!

We’ve decided that Sophie reminds us a lot of Kenny from South Park with her new red jacket… What do you think?


Lots of exciting activities planned for the weekend including Dynamic Earth and Royal Britannia so stay tuned!


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