Edinburgh Castle and Dynamic Earth

We are in Edinburgh for 3 nights, staying close to the city centre in Portobello, walking distance from the beach.

On our first day we ventured into the City Centre and made our way through what is obviously the tourist part of town. All the shops sell the same stuff – Barbour jackets, and lots of tartan scarves etc. It was so crowded! Quite difficult to get used to a city again having just arrived from Northumberland which seems to be the least crowded place in the UK!

We made our way towards Edinburgh Castle which we would have liked to explore but honestly, the crowds put us off completely. We’re not sure if it’s always like this or if it’s because it’s a bank holiday weekend, but we didn’t think the girls would have the patience for another castle and Katherine would have been stressed wondering where they were every time they wonder off.

We had a pretty good Thai lunch very close to the castle and then found ourselves at the National Museum of Scotland. We made the terrible mistake of not familiarising ourselves with the map… The place is vast so we decided to start at the top and make our way down. The top floor is SO boring! We had had a terrible night sleep the previous night because the beds are so uncomfortable with very scratchy sheets, so Katherine and the girls flagged pretty quickly. The girls went down for tea in the museum cafe while James went to explore some of the more interesting exhibits. We then took a taxi back to Portobello because James had lost the family bus day pass!

The evening was spent at the beach where the girls befriended some local lasses.

Day 2…

A slow start, doing all the laundry before we leave on Monday (we won’t have a washing machine for at least another week) and “Daddy School” for the girls. We then set off for Dynamic Earth…

After a lovely picnic lunch in the Holyrood Park overlooking Holyrood Palace which was beautiful, we ventured into Dynamic Earth. It is a fantastic exhibition for children. The journey starts with an explanation of geology before you hop in a “time machine” that takes you back to the beginning of life on earth. It includes interesting examples of the first animals on earth and how they evolve with some fun activities for the children to help them understand. You’re then taken through the oceans, a volcano experience and the arctic exhibit which remarkably has an iceberg in the centre of it! We highly recommend it for children although Sophie was completely bored the whole way round…but that’s just Sophie…

Sorry for the lack of photos on this post but there wasn’t so much to photograph! The best part of today was finding out that the girls coat hoods double up as bottle holders (see photo).


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle and Dynamic Earth

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re having a great time. Never been to Scotland before. I believe Sailor is having a great time. Oscar is a great companion for him. I hope they don’t miss one another once you get back.


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