Crieff, Loch Lomand, Loch Fyne 

This next week we will be touring Central/Western Scotland and the Highlands in a motorhome. Here she is…!

We seem to be collecting a lot more stuff as we continue this journey…

On our way over the Forth Road Bridge, crossing the Firth of Forth we pointed out the interesting bridge to the girls which was received with a very sarcastic “oh how in-ter-esting”, followed with “we should so stop to look at it”.

We picked up the new wheels in Kelty then drove on to Creiff to meet Mark again to celebrate his birthday. The drive was hilarious. We didn’t put anything away when we loaded the motorhome because we were already quite late so everything was flying around on every bend. The girls were shrieking and laughing their heads off the whole way and we are still picking up sweets. Here’s a photo so you can appreciate what it was like. 

Sophie suffers quite a bit from car sickness so there have been a few stops along the way (though luckily everything has stayed down so far).

Our first pitch was superb, on the River Earn. 

At the pub Katherine was introduced to her new favourite gin – Heather Rose – from a nearby distillery and luckily the pub sold her a bottle at cost price and threw in 6 bottles of Fever Tree! So here’s a plug for a great pub, The Square, in Crieff – excellent grub and service beyond compare! 

James got back to the motorhome at about midnight and caused a wee bit of commotion clambering up and down the ladder during the night. Can’t believe the girls didn’t wake up! 

The following morning we set off for Loch Lomand and Loch Fyne. The scenery was out of this world! Good job we’d just visited Dynamic Earth so we understood how this incredible landscape formed all those millions of years ago! 

We had planned to stop for lunch in Loch Fyne but it’s actually quite hard to find anywhere near civilisation that you can park a motorhome for a couple of  hours as most regular car parks only allow cars and light vans; we are 8m long! In the end we stopped in Lochgilphead and rented a pitch in the caravan park close to the town. 

The sun came out so we enjoyed a stroll, and a play, then lazed about on our picnic rug all afternoon as seems to be the done thing around here. Love how the Brits holiday! 

We had a fabulous evening, with the girls watching another Barbie movie and dinner of venison burgers.


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