Royal Yacht Britannia 

On our final day in Edinburgh we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia. 

What a great exhibit! Even Sophie enjoyed it and was pulling us round the yacht excitedly. 

We were all given a telephone type device which provided the audio for the self guided tour.

We were surprised how basic the royal bedrooms are with tiny beds and not at all ornate. Below are photos of the Queen’s and Prince Philips’ bedrooms. (The teddy bears are scattered around the boat to give the kids an activity; it’s not Prince Philips’ teddy).

Prince Charles put the double bed in the below cabin for his honeymoon with Di — still very modest; our rooms in the Maldives were much nicer though we didn’t have quite so many manservants in tow. When on official duties, Britannia had more than 200 crew (including a Royal Marines marching band).

The state rooms on the other hand are amazing, especially the dining room (which incidentally the public can hire for private events). It would take 3 hours to prepare for a banquet (with rulers used to make sure the cutlery was in exactly the right place.)

In the dining room are showcased some of the many extraordinary gifts that the Queen and Prince Philip received on their travels. 

The Drawing room has a very understated elegance.

All the silver on board Britannia had to be polished daily…!

And the Queen travelled with her Roller…

James was most comfortable in the Royal Marines’ mess — the Verge Inn (hoho).


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