Malverns and North Wales

We are back on the road for more adventures, this time exploring Wales and surrounding counties. 

The night before leaving Surrey we caught up with old friends Nick and Mena Bartley at the local pub and promised we would post a photo of them in the blog!

The following day we drove up to Malvern where we spent the weekend with James’ uncle Ron and aunt Liz, who laid on some incredible meals and gave us a tour of the area. We saw less of the Malvern Hills than was planned owing to a heatwave that saw temperatures nudging above 30 degrees with very little breeze …  Sophie in particular struggled to cope. Still, we did get to see Ledbury, Colwall and Hanley Castle, while taking in a couple of pubs and feeding ducks along the way.

We said goodbye to the Malverns and headed to North Wales with a pit stop in Ludlow, Shropshire, for lunch with old Hong Kong friends Rupert and Jude Hunt at a lovely pub next to the River Teme. Rupert was kind enough to teach the girls how to catch spiders!

We moved on to a farm near Abersoch in North Wales, where we stayed in a geodesic dome (big tent). The major issue with this type of accommodation is that the dome has massive windows without curtains or blinds so it’s virtually impossible to put the girls to bed before 10pm and the sun rises at 4am! Here’s a photo taken from Sophie’s bed at 9pm!

We have cows in the neighbouring fields and a farmer who shouts blue murder at them in Gaelic. 

And everyone enjoys chatting to, feeding and trying to get headbutted (Sailor!) by the goats…

We spent our first day on Abersoch beach which was really lovely despite having quite a few jellyfish.

On our second day we chose a less hot activity. Everyone is feeling pretty exhausted from this heatwave. We ruled out the Snowdonia Mountain Railway on the grounds that Sailor wasn’t allowed on it, and we perhaps weren’t dressed for the summit so went to Caernarfon instead. Sailor wasn’t allowed round the castle so had a walk and coffees with Katherine around town while James took the girls to explore Caernarfon Castle. 

True to form, Lizzy got dressed up in the Welsh Fusiliers museum at the Castle. 

After lunch we went to Nefyn beach which is a very peaceful setting with a pub so we stopped for a drink and a play. We didn’t drink enough to feel the need to test our sobriety before driving away but here’s an interesting machine we found in the pub!

While we had fun during the days, the nights were proving sleepless for Katherine as she had a severe allergic reaction to something in the dome and had difficulty breathing. We decided to move on after she opted to kip in the car on the third of the four nights we’d planned to stay. The hosts kindly refunded us for the final night and we ventured south to our next stop in Pembrokeshire. 


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